The New Standard in Hi Rail Truck Upfitting

OE Wheel Works, Michelin, and Won Peace have created the perfect package to equip Hi Rail trucks to handle any conditions with the improved performance, traction, and reliability needed for the toughest jobs.


Kit Summary

  • 5 Forged Aluminum Alloy Hi Rail Truck Wheels

  • 5 Michelin or Goodyear Tires

  • 5 TPMS and Valve Stems installed (optional)

  • 5 Mounted and Hunter Balanced (optional)

  • Comes with the exceptional service you know and expect from OE Wheel Works.


The Lightest Hi Rail Tire and Wheel Combination Available in the Industry!

  • Sizes: 19.5 (GM) 20" (Ford)
  • Forged 6061 Aluminum Alloy

  • Built specifically for Hi Rail Trucks

  • Direct Bolt-on replacement meaning no clumsy adapters!

  • Reduces tire cupping and premature tire wear

  • Tire service life increased to up to 70,000 miles with regular preventative maintenance 

  • Chevy/GMC 19.5" Wheel Weight of 33.95lbs

  • Ford 20” Wheel Weight of 36.6lbs
  • Significantly improves all radial and lateral runout reducing the need for excessive wheel balance weights

  • Eliminates truck vibration

  • Significantly increases the payload capacity of the vehicle

  • Overall truck weight reduced by as much as 245lbs

  • Wheel and tire weight is as low as 47lbs


The Wheel

  • Meets, Exceeds, and complies to all DOT, FMVSS126 (Federal Standards for Electronic Stability Control Compliance) Standards.

  • SAE J175, J267, and J2530 Test Compliant.

  • Exceeds ASTM-B117 Salt Spray and D3170 Chip Testing Requirements.

  • Load rating is 250% higher than the 3,500lbs minimum!

  • Exceeds OEM lateral and radial runout.

  • Utilizes OEM Tire Pressure Monitoring System components and lug nuts.


The Tires

225/70R19.5 Max Load Ply Tread
Michelin XDS2 3970 lbs 14 All-Terrain
Goodyear G622 3970 lbs 14 All-Terrain
Tread Design: On/Off Road, Mud and Snow
225/70R19.5 Max Load Ply Tread
Michelin XZE 3970 lbs 14 Highway
Goodyear G647 3970 lbs 14 Highway
Tread Design: Rib Street/Highway
275/65R20 Max Load Ply Tread
Michelin Defender
3750 lbs 10 All-Terrain
Adventure A/T
3750 lbs 10 All-Terrain
Tread Design: On/Off Road, All-Terrain