OE Wheel Works, LLC is a professional 2nd tier Original Equipment supplier of wheels, tires, and suspension systems. We currently work with Ford, GM, Ram, and Jeep OEM approved up-fitters throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our tire and wheel products are available completely assembled and ready for installation.

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Tire Upfitting

  • Higher traction tread designs for improved mud, snow, ice, and off-road performance
  • Low Rolling Resistant “Green” energy tires for better fuel efficiency
  • Over-sized tires for more ground clearance
  • Increased load capacity tires
  • Longer tread-life than original equipment tires



Wheel and tire package change-over programs

  • Increased wheel widths for wider tires
  • Light-weight alloy wheels for decreased un-sprung weight for longer lasting suspensions and brake systems, improved off-road performance, better durability
  • Offset changes to increase vehicle track for more stability


Super high-load 19.5” conversions for 3/4 and 1-ton single and dual axle trucks

  • Retain overall diameter of original equipment 17 and 18 inch tires while changing to 19.5” wheels and tires
  • Significant improvement in tread-life (200% in many cases)
  • More durability with steel belted sidewalls
  • Increased load capacity by over 25% in most cases, up to G load range!
  • Traction tread designs on 2x4 drive axles and 4x4 vehicles for improved traction in all conditions
  • Ability to increase overall tire height by up to 5 inches for more ground clearance



Suspension modifications for more ground clearance and stability

  • Front end leveling kits let you retain the original equipment system while increasing front end vehicle height by up to 3 inches to improve ground clearance and compensate for heavy front bumpers or snow plows
  • Lift and leveling kits with mono-tube gas-charged high performance shocks to increase ground clearance and off-road capabilities
  • Complete high-performance off-road suspension systems that lift the vehicle up to 6 full inches for the ultimate off-road performance